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Type:                         0HFD, 4L60E 4 Speed Electronic Transmission
Torque Converter:     Stock 1800-2000rpm

Other Items Modified:
Wider Carbon Drum band
Billet Superhold 1-2 gear Servo
Transgo Stage 2 competition shift kit
Dexron 6 ATF Fluid

Vehicle holds 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear at WOT
Vehicle will downshift into 1st gear as per normal

Awaiting TCC removal and Hi stall.
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2x FYRLYT 150W Xenophot Spotlights

200Watt, 32" LED Light Bar

Kenwood TK8180H UHF

2x Spare .5w handheld UHF's

Hayman Reese H/Duty Towbar

Roo Systems ECU retune

Roo Systems 3" Exhaust

Upgraded Intercooler