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Headunit:               Alpine CDA-9815

Speaker Amp:        Alpine MRP-F600 4x100wrms @ 4ohm
Speaker Mounts:    Front & Rear Aerpro MDF Door spacers
Speakers Front:     Peerless Resolution Series 100WRMS 6" Component Splits
Speakers Rear:      Peerless Resolution Series 100WRMS 6" Component Splits

Sub Amp:              Alpine MRD-M501 Class D Monoblock 1x 550WRMS @ 2ohm Amplifier
Sub Boxes:            Karatan Moulded VX Fibreglass lined with Dynamat & Polyester
Subs:                     2x Kenwood KFC-W3011,  400WRMS 12"

S/Deadening:        108sq/foot of Dynamat Xtreme layed in boot, boot lid and all four doors

Capacitor:             Aerpro 2 Farod Capacitor

Battery:                 Optima Bluetop D34M Marine, 765CCA, 55AH, 120RC, Deep Cycle, AGM

Alternator:             Chinese 100A bosch copy

Total Rated Speaker Output:     400WRMS
Total Rated Sub Output:            800WRMS

Stinger 200A Circuit Breaker for MRD-M501
Stinger 120A Circuit Breaker for MRP-F600
12gauge OFC speaker wiring from amps to door component speakers
0-gauge positive and negative cable run to boot
0-gauge alternator charge wire
0-gauge battery to chassis earth
10mm gold plated brass primary chassis earth bolt
12mm Foam deadening layer from top of parcel shelf to rear of front seats
Knukonceptz Triple 0-ga battery terminals
The big 3 done.

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2x FYRLYT 150W Xenophot Spotlights

200Watt, 32" LED Light Bar

Kenwood TK8180H UHF

2x Spare .5w handheld UHF's

Hayman Reese H/Duty Towbar

Roo Systems ECU retune

Roo Systems 3" Exhaust

Upgraded Intercooler